Congratulations to our prize-winning seniors

May 31, 2017
The following History seniors were awarded senior essay prizes at a ceremony in the department on Friday, May 19, 2017. The prize ceremony was attended by students, parents and faculty. In addition to prize day festivities, many seniors also participated in a special senior essay symposium on April 21, 2017 organized by our Senior Essay Director, Jennifer Klein and our Phi Alpha Theta faculty advisor, Jenni Allen.
Congratulations to all of our outstanding students!

Field: Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Jonathan Esty, Robert Gries History Prize & Harvey M. Applebaum Prize
Kissinger’s Strategy in the Iraqi Kurdish Rebellion of 1972-57: False Start or Foundation of American-Kurdish Partnership?
Advisor: Professor John Gaddis         
Ann Sarnak, Andrew D. White 
Womanhood and Workerhood: Representations of Black Women in South African Alternative Print Media, 1976-1990
Advisor: Professor Daniel Magaziner
Elianna Boswell, Andrew D. White 
Zionism, Apartheid, and Activism: Mapping International Responses to the Relationship between Israel and South Africa in the 1970s and 80s
Advisor: Professor Daniel Magaziner
Benjamin Fleischacker,  Max Bilder History Prize
Vivaldi in the Jungle: Music and Power in the Formation of the Costa Rican Nation
Advisor: Professor Gilbert Joseph

Field: European

Isla Hutchinson Maddox, Andrew D. White European Prize
Lesions Other Than Lungs: Disharmonious Narratives of BCG Vaccination in Cold War Europe (1945-1960)
Advisor: Professor Naomi Rogers
Reyna Schaechter, Andrew D. White European Prize
Critical Examinations of “Zero Hour” in the Polish Jewish Community, 1944-1950
Advisor: Professor Timothy Snyder
Elizabeth Hines, Winifred Sturley European Prize
The Falklands Crisis of 1770
Advisor: Professor Steven Pincus

Field: American

Olivia Armandroff, John Addison Porter History Prize & The Richard Hegel Prize
The Bookplate in its Golden Age: A Mark of Ownership Becomes an Advertisement for the Middle Class
Advisors: Professors Jean-Christophe Agnew & Edward Cooke
Isabelle Taft,  John Addison Porter History Prize
Spinning the New South: The Southern Textile Exposition and Regional Identity, 1915-1972
Advisor: Professor David Blight
Adam Echelman, Andrew D. White American Prize
The Imperfect Refugees: The Foundations of Rightlessness for Salvadoran Asylum Seekers in the United States, 1980-1996
Advisor: Professors Gilbert Joseph and Anne Eller
Nicholas T. Stewart, Andrew D. White American Prize
An Icon of Architecture and Empire: Trinity Church in the City of New York 1696-1699
Advisor: Professor Anne Eller
Zachary Austin, Percival Clement Prize
“Kitchener’s Army All Over Again” World War I, the New York National Guard, and the Merits of Subjective Military Control
Advisor: Professors Paul Kennedy and Evan Wilson
Emily Yankowitz, Edwin W. Small Prize
“Creating an Inclusive National History Through Biographical Sketches (1607-1842): William Plumer’s America
Advisor: Professors Joanne Freeman and Edward Rugemer
Alison Mosier-Mills, Edwin W. Small Prize
“Extend Medical Aid as Far as Practicable”: Politics, Place, and the Failure of the Medical Division of the Freedmen’s Bureau in Reconstruction America
Advisor: Professor Jenna Healey
Eva Brooks Landsberg, George Washington Egleston Prize 
“The Songs of Liberty and the Sons of Slavery”: Intra-Imperial Rivalry in the British Atlantic, 1730-1775
Advisor: Professor Steven Pincus

Outside Prizes

Sarah Kim, Manuscripts & Archives Diane Kaplan Memorial Prize & The Harvey M. Applebaum Prize    
Of a Healthy Constitution: Socialized Medicine Between the Triumphs of Social Security and Medicare
Advisors: Professor Jennifer Klein
Max Cook, Harvey M. Applebaum Prize
Influence and Effectiveness in the Years of Upheaval: Winston Lord and the Policy Planning Staff from 1973 to 1977
Advisor: Professors Paul Kennedy and R. Joseph Parrott