Laurence Phirum Gaillard

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Primary field of interest: 

Modern Southeast Asia

Laurence is a PhD. candidate specializing in modern Southeast Asian History.
A native of France, she has worked on contemporary religious and political history, dealing with the issue of secularization and nihilism in « The Figure of terrorist in Dostoyevesky’s, Camus’ and Semprun’s works » ( MA in history, Nanterre University ).
She focused on the nature of madness, within the field of French literature from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, in « The Figure of the Fool in Erasmus, Rabelais’ and Bonaventure des Périers’ Works » and on the genetics of creation in « Michelangelo, Poet and Drawer » ( MA in literature, Sorbonne University, Normal Superior School of Paris ). She holds an « agrégation » in Modern French literature. She has been an auditor for the BA in History of Art at Louvre School.
She analyzed the political roles of films and medias in « Cambodia, the Invisible Disaster- the French Media facing the Cambodian Genocide from 1975 to 1979 » ( MA in Film studies, Sorbonne University, Normal Superior School of Paris, School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences ).