FAQs: Studying Abroad

FAQs: Studying Abroad

1.  I am planning to study abroad during my junior year.  Is there anything I need to do to prepare ahead for completing the History major?

Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience for students in all majors, especially History. Students majoring in History who study abroad generally do not have a problem completing the relevant requirements during their semesters at Yale. However, students may want to plan ahead by enrolling in at least one departmental seminar during the sophomore year, or enrolling two departmental seminars during the same on-campus semester during the junior year. Students may also want to pay particular attention to geographic and pre-industrial distributional requirements rather than leave their completion until senior year. Finally, students who study abroad during the spring semester of junior year may want to plan ahead for the senior essay by speaking with possible faculty advisers during the fall semester of junior year.

2. Once I am abroad, how do I select courses that will count towards the History major?

In choosing history courses while you are abroad, please make sure that they are clearly marked as HISTORY courses, and not listed as civilization courses, politics courses, international relations courses, art history courses, etc.  Final determination of credit towards the History major will be made after you return.

3.  How do I receive credit towards the History major after I return to Yale?

You must fill out a pink Course Certification Form in the undergraduate History office (237 HGS) and turn in copies of your transcript, syllabus, and any papers or exams that you wrote. 

4.  How many History courses taken abroad can I count towards the History major?

Up to three courses for students who take a semester abroad, and up to six courses for students who take a full junior year abroad, provided that the courses are approved and credited by the History DUS.

5.  Do grades received in courses taken abroad count in the calculation of Distinction in the History major?

Yes.  The grades you earn abroad will not appear on your Yale transcript (only the course name and the credits earned), but the History Department keeps a copy of your transcript from your Study Abroad university and uses it in determining Distinction in the major.

6.  Because I was abroad during my junior year, I need to take a junior seminar in my senior year to fulfill the requirements.  How can I get in?

It is advisable to pre-register for a departmental seminar while you are abroad.  Declared History majors will be alerted by e-mail about the pre-registration deadlines and procedures.  Seniors who were abroad during their junior year and need another departmental seminar in order to graduate receive priority in admission.  Be sure to let the instructor know that you need the seminar in order to graduate as a History major.