New Courses Fall 2017

Below are new courses for the Fall 2017 semester including lectures, freshmen seminars, and departmental seminars. Course numbers in the History Department denote regions of the world rather than degree of difficulty. 100-level class are U.S. history; 200-level are European history; 300-level courses include Africa, Asia, Latin America, and other areas of the world; 400-level classes are global and cover many world regions simultaneously.  (PI) denotes a course that counts toward the pre-industrial requirement of the History major.
Elder, Rachel HIST 062 Technology and American Medicine  MW 1-2:15 FA 2017 FS
Hansen, Valerie /Winroth, Anders HIST 101 The World Circa 1000 MW 2:30-3:20 FA 2017 LC
Fertik, Ted HIST 111 International Contemporary Crises, 1898 to Present TTh 1:30-2:20 1htba FA 2017 LC
Shinn, James HIST 123J Politics & Society of the Civil War South 1861 to the Present W 3:30-5:20 FA 2017 DS
Tran, Andrina HIST 126J American Conservatisms: The Conservative Intellectual Tradition Since 1880 W 3:30-5:20 FA 2017 DS
Rutkow, Eric HIST 194J A Hemisphere Divided: The United States and Latin America T 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Souza, Igor H de HIST 298J Persecution and Deviance in the West T 2:20-3:20 FA 2017 DS
De, Rohit HIST 313J British Raj and the Indian Nation 1757-1947 W 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Eller, Anne/D. Ramirez HIST 326 Race, Empire, and Atlantic Modernities TTh 1-2:15 FA 2017 LC
Gandhi, Supriya HIST 342 Mughal India MW 11:35-12:50 FA 2017 LC
Zadeh, Travis HIST 378J Islam, Conquest and Conversion T 2:30-4:30 FA 2017 DS
Igor, Efeoghene HIST 390J Black Bodies & White Science in South Africa 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Melvin, Jessica HIST 397J Imagining Indonesia  MW 1-2:15  FA 2017 FS
Rajas, Jose HIST 412Ja Critical Issues in the History of Technology W 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Elder, Rachel HIST 414J Engineering the Modern Body W 9:25-11:15 FA 2017 DS
Coen, Deborah HIST 419J Gender and Science Th 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
LaFleur, Greta HIST 422J Theories of History T 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Rajas, Jose HIST 443 Global Histories of Identification and Surveillance MW 10:30-11:20 1htba FA 2017 LC
Bertucci, Paola HIST 445J Natural History in History T 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Rutkow, Eric HIST 457J Empire and Environmental  in American History W 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS
Bladel, Kevin van HIST 468J Ancient and Medieval Astronomy: From Babylonian to Greek to Arabic to Latin W 1:30-3:20 FA 2017 DS