Fields of interest
Sakena Abedin


Adel Allouche
Lecturer, History and Religious Studies
Phone: 203-432-0571

Middle East: Medieval Middle Eastern history; Islamic history

Annping Chin
Senior Lecturer
Phone: 203-436-2514

Asia: Chinese intellectual history; Confucianism; pre-modern Chinese history; Chinese cultural history 1500-1800; Studies in Chinese classical texts

Becky Conekin
Sr Lect MacMillan Center and History; Assoc Rsrch Sci/Scholar MacMillan Center
Phone: (203) 432-5963

Europe: British history; Fashion

Ivano Dal Prete
Lecturer, History

Earth sciences (ca. 1300-1800); generation in the long eighteenth century; the material culture of astronomy; science, religion and society in early modern Italy.

Jay Gitlin
Lecturer History & Associate Director Howard R. Lamar Center for the Study of Frontiers & Borders
Phone: 203-432-0553, 203-432-2328

U.S.: United States cultural history (espcially music related & popular culture); Native American & American west; American colonial; Canadian history

Jenna Healey
Lecturer, History of Science & Medicine

History of American medicine; gender and science; medical technology; history of medicine and capitalism

Maria Jordan
Senior Lector, Spanish & Portuguese; Lecturer History
Phone: 203-432-5439

Europe: Early Spain

George Levesque
Associate Dean, Yale College; Dean of Academic Programs, Yale College; Director of Undergrad Studies, FAS College Seminars and Freshman Seminars; Lecturer in History
Phone: 203-432-2920

U.S.: History of religious thought in America; History of education & American colleges and universities

Chitra Ramalingam
Lecturer, History; Research Associate, Yale Center for British Art
Phone: 203-432-1049

Cultural history of the physical sciences (18th-century to the present), science and visual culture, visual studies, material culture studies, history and theory of photography, modern British history

Terence Renaud
Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, Humanities Program and Department of History
Phone: (203) 436-9333

modern European social and political thought; radical ideologies; resistance movements; socialism; human rights; critical theory

Stuart Semmel
Senior Lecturer, History & Humanities
Phone: 203-432-6675

Europe: British politics, culture & thought since 1760; Popular culture, politics & political social thought; European cultural & intellectual history

William Summers
Lecturer in History; Professor of Therapeutic Radiology, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, and History of Medicine and Science; Senior Project Director, HSHM
Phone: 203-432-5585

HSHM: History of science & medicine; History of Chinese science & medicine

Rebecca Tannenbaum
Sr Lect History; Yale NUS Fellow International Affairs

U.S.: Early America; Social history of American medicine; Women's history