Regions and Pathways

The history department designates the following regions and pathways, click on each link for detailed information.  Below you will find a list of Fall 2017 courses and their corresponding region/pathway.
Europe (Euro)
Asia (Asia)
Individual Option

Instructor HIST # Title Region Pathway PI?
Gaddis, John HIST 022 What History Teaches Euro, US Idea, PLG  
Drixler, Fabian HIST 030 Tokyo Asia Cult, Soc, EH  
Ho, Denise HIST 032 Shanghai Asia Cult, Soc, Emp, PLG  
Conekin, Becky HIST 033 Fashion History Euro Soc, Econ  
Eller, Anne HIST 034 Cuba from Slavery to Revolution LA Emp, Int, RGS, Soc  
Bsheer, Rosie HIST 042 Oil and Empire Afr/ME, LA Emp, Int, PLG, Econ  
Shore, Marcy HIST 043 Understanding Totalitarianism: Philosophy from Central Europe Euro Idea, PLG, Soc  
Allen, Jennifer HIST 045 The Holocaust and its Afterlives Euro Cult PLG, Soc, War  
Elder, Rachel HIST 062 Technology and American Medicine US STM, RGS, Idea  
De, Rohit HIST 070 Lawyers as Rebels Euro, US, Asia Idea, PLG, Soc  
Hansen, Valerie /Winroth, Anders HIST 101 The World Circa 1000 Asia, Euro Emp, Int, Rel, Econ Y
Blight, David HIST 103J Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass US Idea, RGS, Soc  
Fertik, Ted HIST 111 International Contemporary Crises, 1898 to Present US Int, PLG, Soc, War  
Tannenbaum, Rebecca HIST 115 The Colonial Period of American History US Emp, Idea, Soc Y
Shinn, James HIST 123J Politics & Society of the Civil War South 1861 to the Present US PLG, RGS, Soc, War  
Agnew, J.C. HIST 125J Making America Modern, 1880-1930 US Cult, Idea, Soc  
Tran, Andrina HIST 126J The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America US Idea, PLG, Soc  
Freeman, Joanne HIST 133J Creation of the American Politician US Idea, PLG, Soc Y
Gitlin, Jay HIST 134J Yale and America US Soc, Cult, Idea, Emp  
Feimster, Crystal HIST 136 The Long Civil Rights Movement US Idea, PLG, RGS, Soc  
Warner, John HIST 147 Media and Medicine in Modern America US Cult, STM, Soc  
Abedin, Sakena HIST 150J Healthcare for the Urban Poor US PLG, RGS, STM, Soc  
Rubin, Elihu/Plattus, Alan HIST 152J New Haven & the American City US PLG, RGS, Soc, EH  
Gaddis, John HIST 164J Foxes, Hedgehogs, and History Euro, US Idea, PLG  
Lui, Mary HIST 166J Asian American Women & Gender 1830-Present US Cult, RGS, Soc  
Stout, Harry HIST 174J Religion, War, and the Meaning of America US Idea, Rel, War  
Klein, Jennifer HIST 191J Women, Gender & Grassroots Politics in Post WWII US US PLG, RGS, Soc  
Lynn, Joshua HIST 198J Race, Gender, and Jacksonian Democracy US Idea, PLG, RGS  
Merriman, John HIST 202 Europe 1648-1945 Euro Emp, Int, PLG, Soc Y
Lenski, Noel HIST 203 Late Antique World from Constantine to Muhammad  Euro, Afr/ME Emp, Int, PLG, Soc Y
Manning, Joseph HIST 212 The Ancient Economy Euro Int, Econ Y
Stern, Eliyahu HIST 216 Zionism Euro Idea, Int, RGS, Soc  
Johnston, Andrew HIST 217 The Roman Republic Euro Emp, Int, PLG, Soc Y
Marcus, Ivan HIST 219 Jewish Hist. & Thought to Early Modern Time Euro Idea, PLG, RGS Y
Kennedy, Paul HIST 221 Military History of the West Since 1500 Euro, US Emp, Int, PLG, War  
Bushkovitch, Paul HIST 222J Russia and the Eurasian Steppe  Euro Emp, PLG, War Y
Trivellato, Francesca HIST 228J Venice and the Mediterranean 1400-1700 Euro Emp, Int, PLG, Econ Y
Semmel, Stuart HIST 229 From Oligarchy to Democracy in Britain, 1780-1914 Euro Idea, PLG  
Marcus, Ivan HIST 232J Medieval Jews, Muslims & Christians in Conversation Euro, Afr/ME Cult, Rel Y
Pincus, Steven HIST 238 Origins of the British Empire Euro, US Emp, PLG, Int, Econ,  Y
Antonov, Sergei HIST 240J Government, Law and Society in Modern Russia, 1853-1953 Euro PLG, Soc  
Wrightson, Keith HIST 251 Early Modern England: Society Under the Tudors & Stuarts Euro PLG, Soc, Rel Y
Jordan, Maria HIST 253J Culture, Dissidence and Control in Golden Age Spain and America  Euro, LA Cult, Emp, Soc, Rel Y
Dal Prete, Ivano HIST 260J Sex, Life, and Generation Euro RGS, STM  
Snyder, Timothy HIST 263 Eastern Europe to 1914 Euro Emp, Int, PLG, War Y
Wilson, Evan HIST 267J War at Sea in the Age of Sail Euro Int, War Y
Dean, Carolyn HIST 269J History and Holocaust Testimony Euro Ida, Soc, War  
Merriman, John HIST 275 France 1789-1871 Euro Emp, PLG, Soc, War  
Syrimis, George HIST 275J Culture of Cold War in Europe Euro Cult, Int, War  
Allen, Jennifer HIST 277J Memory and History in Modern Europe Euro Cult, Idea, Soc  
Eire, Carlos HIST 280 The Catholic Intellectual Tradition Euro Idea, Rel Y
Souza, Igor H de HIST 298J Persecution and Deviance in the West Euro, US Cult, RGS, War  
Ho, Denise HIST 309J Uses of the Past Asia Cult, Idea, PLG, Soc  
De, Rohit HIST 313J British Raj and the Indian Nation 1757-1947 Asia, Euro Emp, Int, PLG, Soc  
Eller, Anne/Ramirez, Dixa HIST 326 Race, Empire, and Atlantic Modernities LA, Euro Emp, Int, RGS  
Echeverri, Marcela HIST 334J Politics of Knowledge in Latin American LA Idea, Int, Soc  
Gandhi, Supriya HIST 342 Mughal India Asia Cult, Emp, PLG, Rel  Y
Amanat, Abbas HIST 343 Political Islam from Origins to Modern Times Afr/ME, Asia Idea, Int, Rel, Soc Y
Bsheer, Rosie HIST 344 The Making of the Modern Middle East Afr/ME Emp, Int, PLG, Soc  
Schwartz, Stuart HIST 355 Colonial Latin America LA Emp, Int, RGS, Econ Y
Echeverri, Marcela HIST 368 Political Violence, Citizenship and Democracy in Latin America LA Idea, PLG, Soc, War  
Joseph, Gilbert HIST 372J Revolutionary Change and Cold War in Latin  America LA Int, PLG, Soc, War  
Zadeh, Travis HIST 378 Islam, Conquest and Conversion Afr/Me Emp, Rel, Soc, War Y
Sanneh, Lamin HIST 387J West African Islam: Jihad Tradition and its Pacifist Opponents Afr/ME Idea, PLG, Rel, War  
Harms, Robert HIST 388J Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa Afr/ME Emp, Int, RGS, Econ Y
Igor, Efeoghene HIST 390J Black Bodies & White Science in South Africa Afr/ME RGS, STM  
Melvin, Jessica HIST 397J Imagining Indonesia Asia PLG, Soc, Econ  
Dal Prete, Ivano HIST 402 Extraterrestrials in History Euro, US Cult, STM  
Ragas, Jose HIST 412J Critical Issues in the History of Technology US, Asia, Afr/ME STM, Cult, RGS, Soc  
Bertucci, Paola HIST 414J Natural History in History Euro EH, Idea, STM, Emp Y
Meyerowitz, Joanne HIST 415J The Problem of Global Poverty US, Asia Emp, Int, RGS, Econ  
Radin, Joanne HIST 417J Biomedical Futures since 1954 US RGS, STM, Soc, Econ  
Coen, Deborah HIST 419J Gender and Science Euro Idea, RGS, Soc, STM  
LaFleur, Greta HIST 422J Theories of History US Idea  
Rankin, William HIST 467J Cartography, Territory, and Identity Euro, US EH, Idea, Int, STM  
Bladel, Kevin van HIST 468J Ancient and Medieval Astronomy: From Babylonian to Greek to Arabic to Latin Euro, Afr/ME Idea, STM Y
Gage, Beverly HIST 483J Studies in Grand Strategy II US Int, PLG, Soc, War