Congratulations to our prize-winning graduate students

May 23, 2017
The following History graduate students were awarded Yale and department prizes this commencement weekend. Congratulations to all of our outstanding students!

Joseph Peterson

“Missionaries and Marabouts: Catholicism, Islam, and Secularism in Nineteenth-Century France and Algeria”              
John Addison Porter Prize
The John Addison Porter Prize, named in honor of Professor John Addison Porter, BA 1842, is awarded for a work of scholarship in any field where it is possible, through original effort, to gather and relate facts or principles, or both, and to present the results in such a literary form as to make the project of general human interest.

Waleed Ziad

“Traversing the Indus and Oxus: Trans-Regional Islamic Revival in the Age of Political Fragmentation and the Great Game, 1747-1880”       
Theron Rockwell Field Prize
The Theron Rockwell Field Prize was established in 1957 by Emilia R. Field in memory of her husband, Theron Rockwell Field, PhD 1889.  It is awarded for poetic, literary, or religious works by any students enrolled in the University for a degree.  

Alyssa Reichardt

“War for the Interior: Imperial Conflict and the Formation of North American and Transatlantic Communications Infrastructure, 1727-1774”
Frederick W. Beinecke Prize
The Frederick W. Beinecke Prize is awarded upon the recommendation of the History Department for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field of Western American History.

Michael Hattem

“Past and Prologue: History Culture and the American Revolution”        
George Washington Egelston Historical Prize
The George Washington Egelston Historical Prize, awarded to a graduate or undergraduate research student who discovers new facts of importance for American history or reaches important new conclusions from existing data.

Catherine Arnold

“Affairs of Humanity: Sovereignty, Sentiment, and the Origins of Humanitarian Intervention in Britain and Europe”

Antoine Lentacker

“Signs and Substances: Making Media and Drugs in Modern Europe”   
Hans Gatzke Prize
The Hans Gatzke Prize is awarded upon the recommendation of the History Department of the outstanding dissertation or dissertations in a field of European history. 

Eric Rutkow

“The Longest Line on the Map:  The United States and the Quest to Link the Americas”               
Edwin W. Small Prize 
The Edwin W. Small Prize, in memory of Edwin W. Small, B.A. 1930, M.A. 1934. Awarded in recognition and furtherance of outstanding work in the field of American history.  

Michael Bustamante

“Cuban Counterpoints:  Memory Struggles in Revolution and Exile, 1959-1980”

Yiwen Li

“Networks of Profit and Faith:  Spanning the Sea of Japan and East China Sea, 838-1404”    
Arthur and Mary Wright Prize
The Arthur and Mary Wright Prize is awarded upon the recommendation of the History Department for the outstanding dissertation or dissertations in the field of history outside the United States or Europe.