Yale Interdisciplinary Working Group for the Study of Antiquity

The Yale Interdisciplinary Working Group for the Study of Antiquity is a graduate student-organized working group that is intended to serve as a forum for graduate students in diverse disciplines across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences whose research centers on or relates to the ancient world. The working group will serve as a venue for graduate students and faculty from numerous departments and programs to come together for the presentation and discussion of research organized around a specific theme. This working group serves as a jumping-off point for communication regarding source material and research questions that do not often fall neatly within disciplinary boundaries. Graduate students will have the opportunity to interact with students and faculty from departments outside of their own with whom they might not otherwise have occasion to come into contact. This interaction will foster communication and collaboration across departments and disciplines. Not only will graduate students have a chance to present their current research, the presentations will also open up a dialogue about the relevance of that research to projects other students and faculty are engaged in, and will encourage students and faculty to consider the interrelationships among themes common to various disciplines that study the ancient world.  

Relevant departments from which participants and presenters may be drawn include but are not limited to the Departments of History, Classics, Philosophy, History of Art, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and East Asian Languages and Literature, as well as the Yale Divinity School and Yale Law School. 

Meetings take place four times per semester at 4pm on Friday afternoons. For more information, please contact the group coordinators: Rachel Love, Jeffrey Niedermaier, and Zachary Smith.