Faizah Zakaria

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Primary field of interest: 

Southeast Asia

Faizah Zakaria is a PhD candidate specializing in modern Southeast Asian history. Prior to coming to Yale, she spent five years teaching high school Mathematics after graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with an B.Sc (Hons) in Mathematics and a concentration in English language. Since then, she has ventured further afield to explore areas closer to her heart: environmental, social and subaltern histories in the linguistically and racially diverse region she calls home. 
To that end, she obtained an M.A in Southeast Asian Studies from NUS and is now working on her dissertation, tentatively entitled “Sacral Ecologies: Conversion and Migration in the Highlands of North Sumatra, 1800 to 1928”, which aims to recover the marginalized pasts of the stateless Bataks in Sumatra. It uses an inter-generational and ecological approach to track the mutually constitutive construct of diaspora and homeland over time. Based on her research in both Yale and NUS, she has published in conference anthologies and peer-reviewed journals such as Critical Asian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies and Global Studies Journal. 
Educational pedagogy remains one of her passions, however, and she is keeping her hand in by working as an ESL tutor at the Yale College Writing Center. She has also served as graduate coordinator for the Yale Indonesia Forum and Yale Program in Agrarian Studies, organizing conferences and workshops largely around environmental themes. Please feel free to contact her if interested in any of these programs.