Nicole CuUnjieng

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Primary field of interest: 

Southeast Asia



I am broadly interested in the intellectual history of modern Southeast Asia and in the political and cultural history of imperial transitions and anti-colonial revolution in Vietnam and the Philippines. My past doctoral research examined violence as the crucial actualizing language through which claims to theoretical sovereignty were made physical under the American phase of the long Philippine Revolution, while analyzing the contemporaneous Filipino claims to legitimate authority that contest, appropriate, and are illegible to the Western discourse of sovereignty. My current dissertation project focuses on the Southeast Asian strain of the Pan-Asian discourse at the turn of the twentieth century.

Originally from the Philippines, I earned my B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. I have presented and published research on the contextualization of Ferdinand Marcos’s dictatorship within the Philippine historical political tradition, particularly highlighting the relationship between the judicial and executive branches in modern Philippine history.

I write a monthly opinion column for The Manila Times and co-founded PAMPUBLIKO, a start-up think tank and online public policy discussion platform in the Philippines, available at