Purchasing Card

How do I apply for a Yale Purchasing card (Pcard)?
Purchasing cards are the preferred way to facilitate the payment of travel-related services, business meals and the purchase of small dollar goods and services for conducting university business only. Only those with research accounts can obtain a purchasing card.  Please email liza.joyner@yale.edu to apply.
I have a Yale Purchasing Card issued by my home department. Can I use this to make purchases related to my History Research Account?
Yes. History has the ability to clear any expenses on your purchasing card and charge them to your History Research Account. Please submit receipts exactly like you would if you were submitting for reimbursement.
What happens if I use the p card accidentally for personal or out of policy transactions?
The charges will be treated as personal expenses and depending on when the transaction is processed, it will be deducted from your next scheduled paycheck.