Fields of interest
Sakena Abedin's picture Sakena Abedin


Becky Conekin's picture Becky Conekin
Sr Lect MacMillan Center and History; Assoc Rsrch Sci/Scholar MacMillan Center
Phone: (203) 432-5963

Europe: British history; Fashion

Ivano Dal Prete's picture Ivano Dal Prete
Lecturer, History

Earth sciences (ca. 1300-1800); generation in the long eighteenth century; the material culture of astronomy; science, religion and society in early modern Italy.

Rachel Elder's picture Rachel Elder
Phone: 203-436-9506

20th century medicine, health, and the body; history of technology; disability history; neurology; U.S. gender and sexuality

Jay Gitlin's picture Jay Gitlin
Lecturer History & Associate Director Howard R. Lamar Center for the Study of Frontiers & Borders
Phone: 203-432-0553, 203-432-2328

U.S.: United States cultural history (espcially music related & popular culture); Native American & American west; American colonial; Canadian history

Ian Johnson's picture Ian Johnson
Associate Director Brady-Johnson Program
Maria Jordan's picture Maria Jordan
Senior Lector, Spanish & Portuguese; Lecturer History
Phone: 203-432-5439

Europe: Early Spain

George Levesque's picture George Levesque
Associate Dean, Yale College; Dean of Academic Programs, Yale College; Director of Undergrad Studies, FAS College Seminars and Freshman Seminars; Lecturer in History
Phone: 203-432-2920

U.S.: History of religious thought in America; History of education & American colleges and universities

Joshua Lynn's picture Joshua Lynn
Post-Doctoral Associate at the Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions; Lecturer in the Department of History

Nineteenth-century politics, culture, and political thought in the United States

Jose Ragas's picture Jose Ragas
Phone: 203-432-1393

Global STS; Surveillance and Biometrics; History of Technology in Latin America and the Global South; Grassroots Science and Technology; Digital History; Early Global Warming and Society

Terence Renaud's picture Terence Renaud
Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, Humanities Program and Department of History
Phone: (203) 436-9333

modern European social and political thought; radical ideologies; resistance movements; socialism; human rights; critical theory

Eric Rutkow's picture Eric Rutkow
Phone: 203-436-2514

U.S. and the World (Latin America); environmental history; legal history; 20th c. U.S. history

Stuart Semmel's picture Stuart Semmel
Senior Lecturer, History & Humanities
Phone: 203-432-6675

Europe: British politics, culture & thought since 1760; Popular culture, politics & political social thought; European cultural & intellectual history

Rebecca Tannenbaum's picture Rebecca Tannenbaum
Sr Lect History; Yale NUS Fellow International Affairs

U.S.: Early America; Social history of American medicine; Women's history