Committees and Participation

Andrews Society

All graduate students in the department are automatically members of the Andrews Society, named after Yale historian Charles McLean Andrews (1863-1943). The Andrews Society brings speakers to Yale, organizes professional development and social events, and serves as a voice for students within the department on administrative matters and on the department Diversity Committee. Other activities have included: a first-year shopping period information panel; the Admitted Students’ Visit walking tour and reception; and panels on best practices in teaching history. The Andrews Society also co-administers a reading room in the library (the Andrews Study, room 214/215). Andrews Society co-presidents are selected in the spring semester for the following academic year. There are no dues or other membership obligations; funding comes from the department and from the proceeds of the annual book sale. Due to the move to McClellan Hall there will be no book sale for the 2018-20 academic years.
For the 2020-21 academic year, the Andrews Society co-presidents are Orel Bellinson, Eva Landsberg, Jacob Morrow-Spitzer, Aron Ramirez, and Hannah Srajer.

DGS’s Student Advisory Committee

This consultative committee meets once or twice per semester to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies about issues related to the graduate program.
The committee consists of the following people:
  • History representatives to the Graduate Student Assembly;
  • Student members of the History Department Diversity Committee;
  • Co-presidents of the Andrews Society;
  • Additional student representatives appointed by the Director of Graduate Studies, including first-year students
For the 2020-2021 academic year, the committee presently includes:
Fisayo Akinlude
Kaelyn Apple
Patrick Barker
Orel Bellinson
Ayse Cicek-Unal
Michelle Johnson
Eva Lansberg
Hannah Lloyd
Jacob Morrow-Spitzer
Aron Ramirez
Hannah Srajer
Adam Waters
Breanna Elliott
CJ Rice
Sandra Sanchez
Monique Ulysses
Richard Velazquez

Departmental Diversity Committee

The History Department’s Diversity Committee seeks to promote an inclusive and equitable history department, with a particular focus on the graduate student and faculty community. The Diversity Committee has a goal of fostering student and faculty learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia as a means to educate our members and create a more welcoming department. The Committee promotes this learning through a variety of kinds of discussions and speakers. Past speakers, including Nell Painter, Vicki Ruiz, and Margot Canaday, were invited to reflect on their experiences in academia to contribute to our discussions. The Diversity Committee also convenes events that seek to provide support to different groups of students and faculty, including an LGBTQ happy hour, a meeting of low income and “First-Gen” graduate students, a parents and family meeting, and other groups.
The Departmental Diversity Committee presently consists of graduate student representatives and at least three faculty members (including the Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Director of Graduate Studies, and one additional faculty member). The Committee is chaired by the Associate Director of Graduate Studies.
Student representation consists of the co-presidents of the Andrews Society and between 3-5 additional students who self-nominate and are selected by the outgoing student committee members in the late spring semester. Additional first-year students are typically added during the fall semester.
The 2020-2021 Departmental Diversity Committee members presently include:
Kaelyn Apple
Adam Waters
Marta Kalabinski
Michelle Johnson
Kamil Ahsan
Emily Yankowitz
Noel Lenski (DGS)
Marcela Echeverri (ADGS, Chair)
Daniel Magaziner (faculty participant)
Joanne Meyerowitz (faculty participant)
Dana Lee (staff participant)
The diversity committee now has an email address that can be used to draw issues to the committee’s attention and propose topics for discussion. Messages sent to the email address go to all of the members of the diversity committee.

Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)

From the GSA website: “The Graduate Student Assembly is an elected body of Yale students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Assembly’s goals are to identify the needs and concerns of graduate students, consider possible solutions, and present these to the Dean and other administrators. We also discuss, propose, and advise on possible changes to Graduate School policy proposed by the administration. The assembly provides a means for communication and deliberation both among graduate students and between graduate students and other members of the Yale community.”
The History Department elects several representatives to the Graduate Student Assembly. Elections are held twice a year in the spring and fall. Members of the GSA serve on committees that address graduate student issues and advocate for changes and improvements to Graduate School policies. There are five standing committees on the GSA involved in different aspects of graduate student life; meetings are open to all students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Science. For more information see the following pages maintained by the respective committee heads:
Academic and Professional Development
Facilities and Healthcare
Public Relations
Transit and Security
Service (includes legal and tax advice, community engagement and participation)
For more information about the Graduate Student Assembly, visit:
The Department of History’s GSA representatives for 2020-2021 are:
Patrick Barker
Breanna Elliott
CJ Rice
Sandra Sanchez
Monique Ulysses