Fields of interest
Simone Browne's picture Simone Browne
Visiting Associate Professor
Phone: 203-436-3562

Surveillance studies, and black diaspora studies

Angel Collado-Schwarz's picture Angel Collado-Schwarz
Visiting Professor
Phone: 203-432-1247

Puerto Rico and the Caribbean; Latin America; The Cold War in Latin America and the Caribbean

Irene Garza's picture Irene Garza
Cassius Marcellus Clay Fellow

Cultures of U.S. militarism; Race, War, & Logics of Citizenship; Militarism & U.S. Empire; post-1945 U.S. History; Militarization of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Social Movements; Critical Masculinity Studies; Race & Ethnicity in American Popular Culture; Latinx History; 19th-20th c. U.S. Immigration History; Intersections of Carcerality & Militarism

Julia Mansfield's picture Julia Mansfield
Cassius Marcellus Clay Fellow
Phone: (203) 432-3933

Infectious disease; globalization; the early United States; history of capitalism; environmental history; history of medicine

Zoe Todd's picture Zoe Todd
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 203-432-4589

more-than-human relations; fish biology; extinction; the Anthropocene; Indigenous legal orders; M├ętis history; 19th and 20th century prairie history; riparian studies; North American wildlife conservation history