Travel Grants- Dean’s Office
Funding is awarded by the Dean’s office to ladder faculty attending professional meetings. Grants are awarded annually. Up to $600 is available to tenured faculty and up to $1200 for non-tenured faculty. To qualify for a travel grant:
• Must actively participate in a large conference by reading a paper, chairing a panel, serving as an office of the association or contributing as a stated participant in a formal discussion.
• Faculty member must apply for funding before the travel occurs.
• Faculty member must provide a program or letter of invitation in order to process request.
To apply please see your research account manager. For more information on the travel grant please visit
Instructional Innovation Grants (IIG)- Department of History
Funding available to full-time faculty members on continuing appointments to develop and design new undergraduate courses or substantially redesign existing courses. The grants can be used to acquire materials to be used in teaching (e.g. images, primary documents, book), to conduct archival or other forms of research that will help with course preparation, support field trips or to bring speakers to meet with their classes. All requests will be reviewed by the chair to determine eligibility.
• Complete application form online at:
• Accounts will be set up for faculty whose applications are successful
• Funds will be administered by Liza Joyner, History Operations Manager
• Funding will not be rolled over into the next fiscal year. Any amount awarded needs to be used the year it was requested
Griswold Research Fund-Whitney Humanities Center (WHC)
Funding is awarded to full-time faculty for specific research projects. Preference is given to first-time applicants and those who do not have other current research funds at the institution.
• Awards given for travel to inspect primary-source materials
• Acquisition of inaccessible books or visual materials (later transferred to a University library)
• Hands-on assistance with research
Deadlines for submission of applications are November 1, February 1 and April 1. For applications and procedures visit
Frederick W. Hilles Publication Fund-Whitney Humanities Center (WHC)
Funding is awarded to assist young scholars in the humanities with the publication of their original manuscripts. (Not for translations of previously published works).
• Funds cover indexing, permission fees, reproduction of images and copyediting
Deadlines for submission of applications are November 1 and April 1. For applications and procedures visit
MacMillan Center Grants
Funding provided and administered by the MacMillian center. For further information please visit Faculty members affiliated with MacMillian Center should contact the relevant councils directly to obtain information on additional resources. Policies for resources vary.
Instructional Innovation Grants
Yvonne and John McCredie Fellowship
Funding provided by Instructional Technology Group at Yale. The fellowship supports the development and/or use of instructional technologies and will require communicating those methods and lessons learned to a wider Yale audience.
For more information on this and other funding sources please contact or 203-432-6637