The offices of the History Department are located at the Humanities Quadrangle. A listing of our staff members and faculty officers can be found below.

Chair’s Office

Department Chair
Alan Mikhail
HQ 211
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Chair’s Office
Dana Lee
(203) 432-1364
HQ 210

Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies
Lauren Benton
HQ 216
Graduate Registrar
Marcy Kaufman
(203) 432-1361
HQ 215
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Sunil Amrith
HQ 264

Undergraduate Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Daniel Magaziner
HQ 214
Undergraduate Registrar
Essie Barros
(203) 432-1359
HQ 212
Senior Essay Director
David Sorkin
HQ 270

Business Office

Operations Manager
Liza Joyner
(203) 432-1363
HQ 203
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Denise Scott
(203) 432-3905
HQ 275
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Caryn Carson
(203) 432-1342
HQ 274

Program in the History of Science & Medicine

Program Chair
Deborah Coen
HQ 246
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Registrar
Erica Lee
(203) 432-1365
HQ 249
Director of Graduate Studies
Naomi Rogers
SHM L-128
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ivano Dal Prete
HQ 253
Senior Project Director
Chitra Ramalingam
HQ 254