The offices of the History Department are located at McClellan Hall on Old Campus. A listing of our staff members and faculty officers can be found below.

McClellan Hall on Old Campus

Chair’s Office

Department Chair
Alan Mikhail
EM 409
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Chair’s Office
Dana Lee
(203) 432-1364
EM 407

Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies
Paul Sabin
EM 411
Graduate Registrar
Marcy Kaufman
(203) 432-1361
EM 412
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Daniel Magaziner
EM 318

Undergraduate Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Edward Rugemer
EM 415
Undergraduate Registrar
Essie Barros
(203) 432-1359
EM 414
Senior Essay Director
Fabian Drixler

Business Office

Operations Manager
Liza Joyner
(203) 432-1363
EM 111
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Denise Scott
(203) 432-3905
EM 211
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Caryn Carson
(203) 432-1342
EM 215
Administrative Assistant
Pasquale Cicarella
(203) 432-1256
EM 190

Program in the History of Science & Medicine

Program Chair
Deborah Coen
EM 308
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Registrar
Erica Lee
(203) 432-1365
EM 314
Director of Graduate Studies
Naomi Rogers
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ivano Dal Prete
EM 310
Senior Project Director
Carolyn Roberts