Application for Instructional Innovation Grants

We are announcing the opportunity for History faculty to apply for Instructional Innovation Grants (IIG) formerly known as the Hawkinson award.  The IIG is available to full-time faculty members on continuing appointment to develop and design new undergraduate courses or substantially redesign existing courses.   The grants can be used to acquire materials to be used in  teaching (e.g., images, primary documents, books), to conduct archival or other forms of research that will help with course preparation, support field trips or to bring speakers to meet with their classes.

All requests will be reviewed by the chair to determine eligibility. Please submit your proposal via the form below.  You will be asked to submit a report to the business office ( no later than June 1st of each year outlining how the funds were used.  If there were any changes from your original proposal, please provide this information in the report.

*Please note: funding will not be rolled over into the next fiscal year.  Any amount awarded needs to be used the year it was requested.

(Grants typically range from $250-$750 per course, but requests for smaller or larger amounts will be considered)
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