Computer Equipment & Support

How do I order my office computer?
Computer equipment (CPU, laptop, monitor, keyboard, printer) purchases and set-up for faculty are handled by Debra Houle or Mike Rinaldi  in ITS Faculty Support at 432-2357.
When can I order a new computer?
Yale provides all permanent faculty members with an office computer and printer. The computer will be replaced every 4 years, printers will not be replaced.
Who can I contact if I need technical help with my computer?
For computer support there are the following options:
1) Contact Faculty Support at 436-9045 or
2) Contact the ITS Help Desk at 432-9000
3) Visit one of the ITS Help Walk-In Centers for software/hardware support on personal computers as well as Yale computers at the following locations: Bass Library (Technology Troubleshooting Office), College Street (WCS 135C), Science Park (WCS SP), Sterling Hall of Medicine (WCS SHM), West Campus (WCS WC), Whitney Faculty Arts & Sciences (WCS FASIT).
Do I have to buy my own toner and paper?
The department provides toner and paper to faculty free of charge. If you have a color printer that requires multiple toner cartridges, the department will cover the cost of black toner cartridge only. Please see any department staff member for paper, please see your account manager if you need assistance with ordering toner.
How do I update my page on the department website?
Faculty should review their individual bio pages periodically and provide the department with updated information on prizes, awards, recent publications, events, etc. Please contact Dana Lee at with any changes or updates.
Who do I contact if I need technical help in the classroom?
For computer and equipment issues in the classroom, faculty should contact Classroom Support at 432-2650 or Classroom Support can be contacted in advance of class meeting time to assist with set-up or during class if there is a problem.
How do I find a classroom with specific media capabilities?
To search for a classroom with specific A/V needs, visit the Media Services Classroom search page at: You can look up classrooms by task, specific A/V needs or by building.