Editorial Projects

Boswell Editions (SML 331A) publishes the papers of James Boswell (1740-1795) in two separate editions: a popular series devoted to Boswell’s voluminous private journals, and a comprehensive scholarly Research Edition comprising the correspondence and the manuscript of the Life of Samuel Johnson as well as the journals.

Papers of Benjamin Franklin (SML 230) : The Franklin Collection is the most extensive collection of materials by, about, and around Benjamin Franklin and his times to be found in a single collection anywhere in the world. It was assembled during the first decades of the twentieth century by William Smith Mason of the Yale class of 1888 Shef. The rare books and pamphlets are outstanding and include many of Franklin’s own imprints, a few books from his personal library, and some unique or almost unique items. In addition Mr. Mason gathered quantities of manuscript materials, including a substantial collection of original letters by or to Franklin and some of his contemporaries, with photocopies or typescript copies of many others housed in other repositories.

Yale Center for Parliamentary History (SML 333) has two objectives: first, to edit and publish the proceedings in the Stuart parliaments; and second, to make the source materials collected at the Center available to scholars and students.