Attention History Majors: Message from the DUS, August 11th

August 11, 2014
Dear History Majors—
Welcome back to Yale for Fall 2014! We have an exciting year ahead, filled with new courses and developments within the major.
  • Meeting for History Majors: All potential and current History majors are encouraged to attend an informational meeting on Thursday, August 28, at 6:30 p.m. in 211 HGS. We will discuss course schedules and developments, History undergraduate activities, publication and employment opportunities, library services, planning for the senior essay, and more. Please encourage interested freshmen and sophomores to attend as well.
  • New Faculty/New Courses: This is an exciting year for the History department. We will be joined by seven new full-time faculty, teaching in fields ranging from South Asia and the modern Middle East to European intellectual history and modern Jewish history. In addition to this influx of new faculty, many instructors have designed new courses (or redesigned old ones), and several visiting lecturers will be offering new courses as well. This semester alone, we will be offering nine new lecture courses, five new freshman seminars, and more than 20 new departmental seminars. Several of these courses are not yet available in OCI, but will be available soon, so keep looking!
A list of all new courses in History is available here:
A full list of Fall 2014 courses in History is available here:
** At the moment, the listings on the History Department site are the most accurate course listings available. For now, please use them—rather than OCI or the blue book—to make your preliminary plans. **
  • Pathways: Last year, the History department introduced thematic Pathways to help majors better group courses by areas of interest. Students do not need to commit to a particular pathway in order to become History majors or to enroll in History courses. Rather, these pathways are designed to be helpful guides to available courses in areas of special strength within the Yale History department, such as Politics, Law and Government; The World Economy; Ideas and Intellectuals; and Race, Gender, and Sexuality. Updated lists of Pathways included in each category are available on the History web site at:
  • History Undergraduate Advisory Committee: Are interested in improving and getting involved with the study of history at Yale? Join the History Undergraduate Advisory Committee. The committee meets monthly with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss courses, the major, and related activities. If interested, please send an email to with your contact information, year and college, areas of interest, and reasons for wanting to join the committee.
  • History Advisers: All History majors are assigned an individual faculty adviser to assist in course selection, intellectual development, and—yes—schedule signing. If you have not yet received an adviser assignment, please contact the History undergraduate registrar, Essie Lucky-Barros, at
I will be in touch again as the start of semester approaches. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or Mrs. Barros ( with any questions.
Here’s to the start of a terrific new year!
Beverly Gage
Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies