Congratulations to our 2021-2022 prize-winning undergraduates!

June 9, 2022

Congratulations to our graduating History majors on their senior essay prizes!  See below for a list of History and HSHM prize winners.  And click here for the list of nominees.

Charlie Mayhew
Winifred Sturley Prize in English history
“Ezra Pater and the Early Modern English Tradition of Lowbrow Astrology: A History from Wisdom to Punchline.”
Advisor: Noel Lenski
Nicholas Moore
Andrew White European Prize
The Rectors of the Raznochintsy: Mikhail Speransky and the Second Section’s role in the development of Russian jurisprudence under Nicholas I”
Advisor: Sergei Antonov
Alexander Wyckoff
Andrew White European Prize
“Les Amis de la Terre and the politicization of ecology: The emergence of the French green movement in civil society between 1970 and 1978.”
Advisor: Jennifer Allen
Christine Hochen
Andrew D. White LAAA Prize
Pepper “Physic”: Melegueta Pepper as Medicine during the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Advisor: Carolyn Roberts
Isabella Yihan Yang
Robert E. Gries Prize
Wang Xitian and the Chinese Experience in Imperial Tokyo, 1899-1923: Class, Violence, and the Formation of a New National Consciousness
Advisor: Daniel Botsman
Elise Lieberman
Max Bildner Prize
Romances do Povo: Soviet Socialist Realism in Brazil, 1942-1956
Advisor: Arne Westad
Taylor Redd
George Washington Egleston Prize
Playing “Possum: The 1950s “I Go Pogo” Campaigns & the Creation of College Youth Culture
Advisor: Jay Gitlin
Alex Halberstam
John Addison Porter Prize
“ Simple, Quick and Wrong”: Tuberculosis Control and Expansion of the Carceral State at the Turn of the 21st Century
Advisor: Elizabeth Hinton
Honor McCarthy
John Addison Porter Prize
Jesus With Pearls: Phyllis Schlafly as Political Party Planner
Advisor: Jay GItlin
Kaylee Walsh
Percival W. Clement Prize
Confronting Centuries of Failure: The Kennedy Report of 1969 and Its Legacy in the History of American Indian Education
Advisor: Ned Blackhawk
Sarah Pillard
Andrew D. White Prize in American History
“Thousands of Personal Tragedies”: How New York’s broken promises of deinstitutionalization turned Gowanda Psychiatric Center into a prison
Advisor: John Witt
John K. Crawford
Andrew D. White Prize in American History
The Wisconsin Potawatomi: Resisting Removal from 1833 to 1866
Advisor: Ned Blackhawk
Samara Angel
Edwin Small Prize
“Who the Hell is Diane Nash” Deconstructing the Popular Narrative of Nonviolent Civil Reform Through the Life and Activism of Diane Nash
Advisor: Crystal Feimster
Debbie Dada
Martin Klein and George Rosen Prize
“Structural Violence & Small Victories: Political Epidemiology of HIV Among MSM in Nigeria, 2000-2010”
Advisor: Nana Quarshie
Alex Halberstam
Martin Klein and George Rosen Prize
“Simple, Quick and Wrong”: Tuberculosis Control and Expansion of the Carceral State at the Turn of the 21st Century
Advisor: Elizabeth Hinton
Isabella Li
Elias E. Manuelidis Prize
Intersectional “Inclusion”: Safety and Reproductive Justice in Clinical Studies of Maternal-Fetal HIV Transmission
Advisor: Kelly O’Donnell
Anna Tran
Elias E. Manuelidis Prize
Let’s Bring Health Care to the Patient: The Usage of Holistic Medicine as a Means of Revolutionary Care and Liberation in New York, 1969-1979
Advisor: Mary Lui