Congratulations to our 2022-2023 prize-winning undergraduate students

June 1, 2023
Nominees and winners were honored for their work at a small ceremony in the Humanities Quadrangle on Friday, May 19, 2023.  Students and their families, along with faculty and staff were in attendance.
American History Prize Winners
The George Washington Egleston Prize
Benjamin Metzner
Revolt and Reconstruction: Public Housing, Liberalism, and the Making and Unmaking of American Jewish Identity in Forest Hills, 1971-1972
Advised by Mordechai Levy-Eichel
The History Percival W. Clement Prize
Hema Patel
The Formation of the Indian Health Board: Culturally Sustaining Healthcare in the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis, 1971-present
Advised by Professor Dr. Carolyn Roberts
The John Addison Porter American History Prize
Quinten John Rimolde
“The Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas”: Commerce, Empire, and Visions of Duluth, 1659-1873
Advised by Professor Jay Gitlin
Tracy Zhou
The “Black Rice” Thesis Revised: Enslaved Knowledge and Lowcountry Tidewater Cultivation
Advised by Professor Mark Peterson
Edwin W. Small Prize
Julia Bialek
The Privilege of Choice: How Yale Women Navigated Abortion Before Roe, 1969-1973
Advised by Professor Jay Gitlin
Andrew D. White History American Prize
Zev Jacob Kazati-Morgan
The U.S. Delegation to Buchenwald of April 1945: Congress and the Politicization of Holocaust Memory
Advised by Professor David Sorkin
Hannah Shi
Opening a Can of Worms: Hookworm Science, Medical Exclusion, and Public Health in the United States
At the Turn of the 20th Century
Advised by Professor Mary Lui
Canadian Studies Prize 2023
Laura McGinn Haight
“From the Battleground of her Home”: La Maison de Transition and the Emergence of the Women’s Shelter Movement in Montréal, 1975-1990
Advisor Professor Jay Gitlin
Manuscripts and Archives Prize
Lydia Broderick
“Militants in the Model City: Richard Lee, the Hill Parents Association, and the Limits of Citizen Participation in New Haven’s Urban Renewal Anti-Poverty Programs.”
Advisor: Regina Kunzel
Howard Lamar Prize
Caroline Bennet
“The Best Laid Plans: S. R. DeBoer and the Greening of Denver.”
Advisor: Jay Gitlin
European History Prize Winners
Winifred Sturley Prize
Ava Hathaway Hacker
Employing the Governess: The Langham Place Circle and the “Woman’s Cause” in Mid-Victorian England
Advisor: Professor Isaac Nakhimovsky
Andrew D. White European History Prize
Daniel Edison
‘None of it matters now:’ Kołakowski, Spinoza, and Freedom after Marxism
Advised by Dr. Marci Shore
Natalie Simpson
Partisan Hawk, Soviet Wolfhound: Espionage, Repression, and Resistance in Postwar Lithuania
Advisor Professor Timothy Snyder
Latin American, African, and Asian History Prize Winners
Robert D. Gries History Prize
Margaret Hedeman
Examining the Life of Opium in the Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic Slave Trade
Advised by Professor Carolyn Roberts
The Max Bildner History Prize
Larissa Jimenez Gratereaux
“Una llamada Dra. Satterthwaite”: Family Planning as Eugenics in 1970s Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela
Advisor: Professor Stephen Pitti
The Andrew D. White Latin America, Africa, and Asia History Prize
Vishnu Sriram
Passages Across the Palk Strait: Situating Sri Lankan Refugees and Repatriates in the Political Imagination of Tamil Nadu, 1983-1993
Advised by Professor Rohit De