“Historians in Practice” workshop series announces 2020-21 sessions for Yale History grad students

December 15, 2020

The history department hosts a series of professional development workshops designed to help Yale students professionalize themselves by offering deep dives into subjects not normally covered in classes and advising. The series is redesigned each year in coordination between the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Student Advisory Committee. Sessions cover practical, personal, and theoretical issues crucial to the lives and careers of the History graduate community that are not fundamentally scholarly but nonetheless crucial to success and achievement. All sessions last one hour and are hosted in the 2020-21 Academic year on Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and linked. 

Visit the Historians in Practice page for more information and view the events list below.

  • Thurs. Dec. 3 @ 3-4: Accessing digital archives and managing digital data – Guest speakers: James Kessenides and Jana Krentz (Yale Libraries), George Miles (Beinecke Rare Books Library). [video + transcript] requires Yale credentials
  • Fri. Jan. 22 @ 10:30-11:30: Identifying, applying to, and presenting at conferences – Guest speakers: Anne Eller and Jennifer Klein (Yale History)
  • Thurs. Feb. 4 @ 4-5: The Process of article writing and submission – Guest speakers: Noel Lenski and Joanne Meyerowitz (Yale History)
  • Thurs. Feb. 18 @ 3-4: Successful grant and fellowship writing – Guest speakers: Laurie Benton and Joe Manning (Yale History)
  • Wed. Mar. 3 @ 2-3: Using technology in history research and writing (GIS, Excel, Adobe CS, Python, Gephi, Zotero, Scrivener) – Guest speakers: Catherine DeRose (Digital Humanities Lab), Bill Rankin and CJ Rice (Yale History)
  • Mon. Mar. 15 @ 12-1: Building diversity into community and practice – Guest speakers: Elizabeth Hinton and Matt Jacobson (Yale History)
  • Thurs. Apr. 1 @ 11-12: Introduction to the History job market for early cohorts – Guest speakers: Jennifer Allen and Sunil Amrith (Yale History)
  • Wed. Apr. 14 @ 12-1: University press publishing – Guest speakers: Jaya Chatterjee and Heather Gold (Yale University Press)
  • Fri. Apr 30 @ 6-7: Alt-Ac careers – guest speakers Charlotte Abney Salomon (Science History Institute, Philadelphia), Nichole Nelson (New Jersey Institute for Social Justice), Keri Lambert (Philips Academy, Andover), Max Walden (MBA Candidate, NYU)
  • Thurs. May 6 @ 4-5: Succeeding as a public intellectual – guest speakers Paul Freedman and Joanne Freeman (Yale History)