History Major Message from the DUS

January 13, 2014
Dear history majors—
Welcome back to a new semester! A few updates from the DUS:
1.  OPEN MEETING FOR HISTORY MAJORS: We will be holding an open informational meeting for all current and prospective history majors this Thursday, 6-7 p.m., in SSS 114. Attendance for current majors is welcome and recommended but not required. Please encourage interested freshmen and sophomores to attend!
2.  REQUIREMENTS OF THE MAJOR: As you know, the history department voted recently to change the distributional requirements of the major for the Class of 2015 and beyond. The new requirements can be found on the history department’s web site:
** Students in the Class of 2014 who wish to opt in to the new requirements may do so. ** The most relevant change is a reduction in the number of required LAAA (Latin America, Asia, Africa) courses from 3 to 2. To opt in to these requirements, simply send an email to the DUS requesting to be considered for graduation under the new requirements.
3.  FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: The history department is now on Facebook and Twitter. For announcement of events, talks, faculty activities, new publications, history-related news, and other matters, follow these links:
4.  HISTORY STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Yale’s history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta is now up and running, with a full slate of activities. For more information about PAT, contact President Emma Janger (emma.janger@yale.edu). Also: The Yale Historical Review is seeking history student papers from all levels and subjects. Papers and queries can be submitted to historical.review@yale.edu.
5.  DUS OFFICE HOURS: My office hours for the first two weeks of the semester will be Tuesdays 1-2:30 and Thursdays 3-5 in HGS 216. You may sign up for an appointment by emailing Essie Barros (essie.barros@yale.edu) or simply show up.
Have a terrific shopping period!
Beverly Gage
Professor, U.S. History
Director of Undergraduate Studies, History
Yale University