History majors honored for outstanding senior essays

May 16, 2014
Along with family, friends, faculty and staff the History Department held its annual Senior Essay Prize ceremony on Friday, May 16th.  Below is a list of all of our worthy nominees and prize winners by geographic field.  We would like to congratulate all of our talented senior history majors on a job well done.

LAAA (Latin American, Africa, Asia & Middle East)


Nicole Hobbs, Maria Guardado, Diana Reisman, Lindsay Paterson, Margaret Coons, Katherine Fein, Jimmitti Teysir, Eric Spies, Sasha Sesser-Ginzberg, Rachel Rothberg, Sarah Maslin, Adrienne Minh-Chau Le, Jacob Backer, Benjamin Kline, John Hayashi


Adrienne Minh-Chau Le, Women of French Indochina, 1920-1945: The Rise and Influence of the Modern Vietnamese Woman (Andrew D. White Prize for LAAA) Advisor: Professor Valerie Hansen   

Jimmitti Teysir, The New Times and Ethiopia News: A Voice for Resistance During the Italian Occupation (Andrew D. White Prize for LAAA) Advisor: Professor Robert Harms  

Maria Guardado, The Latinization of American Baseball: El Toro and Fernandomania, 19081-1991 (Robert D. Gries Prize) Advisor: Professor Jay Gitlin                                                                    

Katherine Fein, The Boundaries of Her World: Mary Welsh Hemingway at the Fince Vigia (Max Bildner History Latin American Prize) Advisor: Professor Beverly Gage

Sasha Sesser-Ginzberg, “Reorganizing” Judaism: Anti-Semitism and its Legacy during the “Dirty War” in Argentina (1976-83) (Max Bildner History Latin American Prize) Advisor: Professor Anne Eller




Samuel Hamer, Holy Vo, Jacob Anbinder, Isabel Beshar, Allison Bryant, Stephen Clarke, Jonah Coe-Scharff, Katherine Fein, Grace Gallogly, Cooper Godfrey, Jeremy Goldstein, John Hayashi, Stephanie Kan, Connor Kenaston, Will Kronick, Nick Levine, Cristo Liautaud, John Masko, Rebecca Miller, Sophie Nethercut, Max Nickbarg, Dylan Orenstein, Lindsay Paterson, Katherine Sherrill, John Stillman, Annie Sullivan, Caroline Tan, Sarah Torgeson, Evan Walker-Wells, Keith Washington, Kyle White, Carolyn Lipka, Cameron Anderson, John Doyle, Amanda Snajder


Sarah Torgeson, Reconstructing Beauvoir: Place and Civil War Memory on the Post-Katrina Mississippi Gulf Coast (George Washington Egleston American Prize) Advisor: Dean Ryan Andre Brasseaux                                                                

Jonah Coe-Scharff, “New Roads” In Leftist Thought: Dwight Macdonald Lewis Coser & Postwar Crisis of American Marxism (John Addison Porter Prize) Advisor: Professor Beverly Gage                

Cooper F. Godfrey, Red Israel: US State Department fears of a Soviet-AlignedJewish State 1948-1953 (John Addison Porter Prize) Advisor: Professor John Lewis Gaddis                                                       

Sophie Nethercut, Ring of Fire: African American Employees in the Midwestern Circus (1880-1920) (Percival Wood Clement Prize) Advisor: Professor John Mack Faragher                                                     

Connor Kenaston, “If the Men Don’t Fight, the Women Will” Women and Gender Roles in the West Virginia Mine Wars (Andrew D. White American Prize) Advisor: John Mack Faragher

Isabel Beshar, A Tale of a Mutating Theory: The Evolution of the thrifty Genotype Hypothesis from 1962-2007 (Andrew D. White American Prize) Advisor: Professor Joanna Radin

Lindsay W. Paterson, “Pernicious Foreigner: or Friend? William F. Buckley Sr., American Businessman (Edwin W. Small Prize) Advisor: Professor Stuart Schwartz

William Kronick, We should Not Be Moved: How Government Deafness Doomed Urban Renewal in Charlotte, NC (Edwin W. Small Prize) Advisor: Professor Jennifer Klein




Margaret Coons, Jimmitti Teysir, Rachel Rothberg, McKenna Keyes, Michael Ressler, Gene Kim, Antonia Woodford


Margaret Coons, Princess to Protest: Sophia Duleep Singh and the Intersection of Women’s Suffrage and Imperialism in Early Twentieth-Century Britain (Winifred Sturley Prize) Advisor: Professor Laura Engelstein                                                   

Rachel Rothberg, White Australia Resurgent: The Rise and Fall of the Digger Spirit, 1915-1921 (Winifred Sturley Prize) Advisor: Professor Amanda Behm                                        

Antonia Woodford, LaDefense, 1958-1989 A Case Study in Postwar Urban Planning in the Paris Region (Andrew D. White European Prize) Advisor: Professor Jon Merriman    


History of Science, History of Medicine


Cameron Anderson, Isabel Beshar, John Doyle, John Hayashi, Amanda Snajder, Nick Levine


Nicholas Levine, The Dignity of an Exact Science: Evangeline Adams, Astrology, and the Professions of the Probable, 1890-1940 (The Martin Klein and George Rosen Prize) Advisor:  Joanna Radin