Senior Essay Resources for Juniors

April 2, 2013

Please read through and review the entire Senior Essay Handbook.  The handbook will provide you with due dates and deadlines, important forms, faculty fields of interest, information on prizes, and useful advice and guidelines to help you through the process of writing the senior essay.

Also, here are some helpful links for students ready to explore the senior essay, including a list of essay titles from the class of 2012 and examples of prize winning essays below.


Prize winning essays from the class of 2012:

Truth, Trials, Transition: The Meaning of Justice in Post-Dirty War Argentina by Katherine Haas

Yale College as “a little temple:” Timothy Dwight, the Revival of 1802, and an Evolving Relationship between Liberalism and Religion by Layne Johnson

Revisiting Tolpuddle: A Critique of the TUC Narrative by Ian Sprague


If you have any questions about the handbook or any of the links here, please direct them to the contacts below.


Robert Harms (Director)
HGS 2676, (203) 432-0559

Essie Barros (Undergraduate Registrar)

HGS 237, (203) 432-1359