Carlos Eire honored with publication of “A Linking of Heaven and Earth”

September 27, 2013

Carlos Eire was honored recently with the publication of A Linking of Heaven and Earth: Studies in Religious and Cultural History in Honor of Carlos M. N. Eire, edited by Emily Michelson, Scott K. Taylor, and Mary Noll Venables (Ashgate, 2012). The book explores three of the main themes that underpin Eire’s scholarship: exploring metaphysical boundaries (between heaven and earth, the natural and the supernatural, the living and the dead, the rational and the irrational); understanding how early modern peoples of all walks of lived their faith; and studying the physicality of spirituality—the body and religious images. The editors gratefully acknowledge the “personal and scholarly example set by” Eire, “who has always encouraged us to ask bigger questions, and who has taught us that the messiness of real life does not detract from those questions but refines them.”