Congratulations to our 2019-2020 prize-winning undergraduates

May 25, 2020
Congratulations to our graduating History majors on their senior essay prizes!

Veronica Boratyn

“The Public and Private Life of the New Haven Oyster: How property rights and legislation shaped the rise and fall of the oyster industry in New Haven, Connecticut, 1638-1900”
Advisor: Paul Sabin
Hegel Prize for the Best Essay on New Haven 


Sophie Cappello

“Mayor Celentano’s New Haven:  The Post-War City Before Urban Renewal, 1945-1953 or Contextualizing Nonna Cavaliere’s Neighborhood”
Advisor: Jay Gitlin
Hegel Prize for the Best Essay on New Haven

Heidi Katter

“Railroad Ties: Tracks to the White Earth and Red Lake Ojibwe Reservations, 1860s-1910s” 
Advisor: Ned Blackhawk

William Horvath 

“War on Narcotics”: Harry Anslinger, The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and Senator Price Daniel’s Probe”
Advisor: Jennifer Klein
Percival W. Clement Prize

Steven Rome

“The Apostle of Dissent: J. Hendrix McLane’s Fight Against History in Post-Reconstruction South Carolina”
Advisor: David Blight

Sahaj Sankaran

Ambassadors Extraordinary: Chester Bowles, B.K. Nehru, and Ambassadorial Agency in Indo-American Relations, 1961-1969”
Advisor: David Engerman
South Asia Council Senior Essay Prize

Arun Sharma

“Growth for the People: The MRTP Act and the Persistence of Economic Power”
Advisor: David Engerman
South Asia Council Senior Essay Prize