Course Alert! Check out HIST 276: “France Since 1871” taught by Prof. Kira von Ostenfeld-Suske

January 17, 2020

HIST 276



T/Th 3:30-4:20,  1HTBD WLH 119


HIST 276 covers the emergence of France, from the massacres of the Paris Commune in 1871 and the beginnings of the Third Republic, up to the 2015 terrorist attacks on Paris. This lecture course looks at the social, cultural and political transformations that occur in France, including: the impact and legacy of France’s revolutionary heritage, and the impact of industrialization, and of the horrors, dislocation and uncertainties wrought by two World Wars. It also looks at French decolonization in Algeria and Vietnam, and its impact. Throughout, this course will pay particular attention to the political responses of both the Left and the Right to changing French society, including the impact of immigration and the emergence and challenges of the European Union. By seeking to integrate cultural history back into the heart of a political and social narrative, this course will also consider the cultural and intellectual currents and theoretical developments coming out of France that have kept France a country of global importance, especially in the Anglo-American eye.

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