New Freshman Seminar!

January 13, 2015

New freshman seminar, HIST 072, The History of World History will be taught by Prof. Valerie Hansen and is now open.  The course was inadvertently left out of the pre-registration system, but is now open to all freshman!

HIST 072, The History of World History

Valerie Hansen, TTh 2:30-3:45, WLH 204

Exploration of writings by historians whose main goal was to explain how their particular world was taking shape. Readings include works by Herodotus (Greece), Polybius (Rome), Sima Qian (China), al-Tabari (the Islamic world), and Marx and Weber (Europe). Examination of different historical methods, including the evaluation of primary and secondary sources. How to organize disconnected bits of evidence into persuasive narratives.