Andrew Bard Epstein

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Andrew Bard Epstein is a PhD student in 19th century U.S. and Native American history, with a focus on territorial expansion, Indigenous dispossession, and the development of capitalism before the Civil War.
Epstein received a B.A. in History and Sociology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and an M.A. in History and Native American Studies from the University of Georgia. A presentation based on his thesis was awarded the prize for Best Graduate Student Paper at the 2012 conference of the Native American & Indigenous Studies Association.
In 2016, Epstein is the coordinator of the Yale Group for the Study of Native America and a co-organizer of the “Work of Settler Colonialism” symposium at the CUNY Graduate Center. His writing has appeared in The Nation and Jacobin. Epstein also hosts the New Books in Native American Studies podcast series.