Carl Rice

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Primary field of interest: 

Ancient History


I am a student in the combined program in ancient history. A West Virginia native, I graduated from West Virginia University in 2013 with bachelor’s degrees in history and religious studies. In 2016, I completed my master’s degree at North Carolina State University, where I defended my thesis “Diocletian’s ‘Great Persecutions’: Minority Religions and the Roman Tetrarchy.” This project examined the complex relationships between the Diocletian and his fellow tetrarchs on one hand and Christians, Manichaeans, and Jews on the other in the late third and early fourth centuries.

At Yale, I am continuing to explore the interactions between the Roman government and marginalized religious communities across the “long fourth century” (c. 285-425 CE), a period which witnessed an increasing entanglement of religious and imperial ideologies. I aim to use the imperial ‘policing’ of minority religious traditions as a way to access these interwoven ideas and to better understand ‘imperial religion.’

In addition, I am interested in gender and sexuality studies in the Roman world and the use of such critical lenses for doing ancient history.   

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