Cristian Padilla Romero

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Graduate School Student
Research interests: 

20th-century Latin America, Central America


Cristian Padilla Romero is a migrant and child of Campesino parents from Honduras. My research is on the 20th-century social and political history of Central America, Honduras specifically, with a focus on Black, Indigenous, and Campesino radicalism and collective action. I seek to situate the history of post-WWII Central American social movements and rebellions by looking at Campesino and Indigenous organizing alongside Caribbean labor migration to the region and Black workers’ struggles and their connections to wider anti-imperialist and decolonizing movements in the region and the rest of the Global South. I look specifically at the radical ideologies spoused by these movements including Pan-Africanist, socialist, communist, anti-imperialists philosophies which provided fundamental foundations to the popular revolutions in the 1970s and 80s. Concurrently, I am also invested in exploring the impacts of the U.S. empire and imperialism in the region which sought to counteract the growing revolutionary power of Central American movements.