Emily Snyder

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Research interests: 

Caribbean, Latin America, United States


Emily is a PhD candidate whose research focuses on the twentieth-century Americas and emphasizes the inter-connected histories and peoples of the Caribbean, Central America, and the United States. Her dissertation, entitled “Untangling Revolutions: Cuba, Nicaragua, and the United States in the Cold War Caribbean, 1979-1990,” traces the relationship between the Cuban and Sandinista revolutions and the hemispheric, [counter]revolutionary effects it produced.

At Yale, Emily has worked as a graduate peer advisor in the Office of Career Strategy, coordinator of the Latin American Studies Working Group, and graduate affiliate coordinator for the Ezra Stiles residential college.

Emily’s research has been supported by the P.E.O. Sisterhood, the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, and the Latin American & Iberian Institute at the University of New Mexico, among others. Her work can be found in Cuban Studies, the Radical History Review, and Age of Revolutions