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I work on the history of labor, class formation, and political economy in the twentieth-century United States. Specifically, I’m interested in trying to combine political-economic approaches to the history of capitalism, social-historical attention to history from below, and a culturalist emphasis on the formation of individual subjects in everyday practice. My work focuses on the Rust Belt, with particular attention to Pittsburgh and the area around it. On the one hand, I’m interested in the decline of manufacturing, industrial unionism, social democracy (such as it was) and the commonsense discourses (particularly racial and gendered ones) that went along with and held together these forms of political organization, social life, and cultural practice. On the other hand, I plan to study the development of the service-sector working class out of the ruins of manufacturing: in what new ways, and in what old ones, did service workers understand their relationship to their work, their employers, their families, and their broader social worlds?