Harry Stout

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Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Religious History
451 College, Room 401
Fields of interest: 

Early America; American religious history; American Civil War


Professor Stout, who received his PhD from Kent State University in 1974, has published The New England Soul: Preaching and Religious Culture in Colonial New England (1986) and George Whitefield, Divine Dramatist (1991), and several edited books, including New Directions in American Religious History (1997), with Darryl Hart, Religion in American History: A Reader (1997) with Jon Butler, and Religion and the Civil War (1998). He is the General Editor of the Works of Jonathan Edwards (Yale Press); the Co-Director, with Jon Butler, of the Center for Religion and American Society at Yale.

His courses include reading and research seminars in American Religious and Cultural History; Jonathan Edwards, and the American Civil War. He is currently working on a moral history of the Civil War. His graduate courses include seminars on American revivalism and Jonathan Edwards.