Lauren Fadiman

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Lauren (LG) Fadiman (she/hers) is a PhD student in American history whose research focuses on the collaboration of political, penal, and psychiatric institutions during the Interwar period, as well as the legacy of early-20th-century socialist and anarchist groups. Previously, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in folklore and mythology from Harvard College, where her senior thesis—on the role of cell phones in contemporary folk culture, from viral moral panics to vernacular medical discourse—received the Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize, the College’s highest honor for undergraduate research.
In addition to her research, LG serves as an assistant editor at Jacobin, where you can find her work in issues on conspiracy and AI, as well as in the sidebars, infographics, and amusements of every issue since fall 2021. She is also a practicing folklorist whose work for popular audiences on conspiracy theories, contemporary legends, and the cultural periphery, has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including The Baffler, Current Affairs, Orion, and Real Life.