Maija Jansson

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Visiting Fellow
Fields of interest: 

Parliamentary history


Maija Jansson received her Ph.D. from Temple University in 1985. She is Director Emerita of the Yale Center for Parliamentary History and currently (2012-2013) a Visiting Fellow at Yale.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences. Her works include the co-edited editions of the Proceedings in the English Parliaments of 1625, 1626 (4 vols.) and 1628 (6 vols.) as well as her own editions of Proceedings in the Parliaments of 1614 and in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament (7 vols.) and Two Diaries of the Long Parliament (1984). She also edited Realities of Representation: State Building in Early Modern Europe and European America (2007).

Out side of parliamentary history she co-edited with Paul Bushkovitch and N. Rogazhin, England and the North: Anglo-Russian Relations 1560-1614, the Ziuzin Embassy (American Philosophical Society, 1994); and various chapters and articles on, among other things, The Impeachment of Inigo Jones, Remembering Marston Moor, Ambassadorial Giving, and Shared Memory.