Martha Guerrero Badillo

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Graduate School Student
Martha Guerrero is a first-year PhD student in the Department of History. Her research focuses on Latinx migrants in the US, particularly Mexican and Central American communities in the metropolitan Northeast, as well as the intersections of migration, labor, and social movements.
Martha earned a B.S. with Honors at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and an M.S. with Honors at Columbia University’s School of Journalism.
As a John Carroll Fellow, she was awarded Georgetown’s Rowe Award in Latin American History for her undergraduate thesis on twentieth-century Mexican cultural politics. As a Maria Moors Cabot Prize Scholar and a  Jack R. Howard Fellow in International Journalism, Martha was shortlisted for Columbia’s Louis Winnick Prize for her reporting on New York’s Mexican and Central American app delivery workers. As a bilingual columnist for Mexico City-based news website Informe Confidencial, she writes about US and Mexican national politics, immigration, labor, and gender violence.