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Mary Ellen Leuver graduated from Yale College in 2006, earning her B.A. in History with minors in English and the Humanities. Having moved into the section of History of Science and Medicine for her doctorate, Mary Ellen now looks both ways before exploring the intersections of medicine, public health, and the American city. She is also fascinated by the dynamics of community formation, the history of political movements, and transnational discourses on disease.

Born in Virginia and raised in Colorado Springs, Mary Ellen spent a significant part of each year traveling internationally until she settled in New Haven. She is an aficionado of 1980s and 1990s action and comedy movies, and also devotes copious amounts of time and money to developing her encyclopedic knowledge of New Haven cuisine. In what little spare time she has, Mary Ellen enjoys recreational philosophy, biking, skiing, skydiving, and playing her clarinet.