Michael Lo Piano

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Research interests: 

Renaissance, Classical Philology, Narrative Studies, Church History, Manuscript Studies, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, History of Ideas, History of Psychology, History of Philosophy


Michael’s aim in life is to further the development of consciousness in himself, in those closest to him, and in his community. His research and teaching interests thus concern the history and development of belief, ideas, and culture within personal and transpersonal consciousness and their effects on human action and behavior. His dissertation seeks to understand the ideas of the Italian Renaissance and Humanism by means of their effects on human thought, behavior, and cultural representation. Specifically he examines the literary works of the Italian Humanist Filippo Buonaccorsi (Callimachus Experiens) and the reception and reproduction of the ideas contained therein within an East Central European regional context, (esp. Silesia, Lesser Poland, and Ruthenia).