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Viet N. Trinh is a doctoral candidate whose fields of specialization include twentieth-century United States history, race and ethnicity, urban history, African American history, and Asian American history. His dissertation, “Burning All Illusions: Race and Rebellion in the City of Angels, 1950-1992,” traces Los Angeles’ racial politics from Chief William H. Parker’s inauguration to the Rodney King Riots. In doing so, it uncovers black and Korean Angelenos’ fights for justice and citizenship in an age of law-and-order policing. Built upon years of archival research conducted across California, the project reflects his firm commitment to excavating phenomena otherwise buried in the historical record by listening through archival silences and reconsidering subjugated knowledges. Trinh’s other interests include historical memory, public humanities, and oral history.
Before moving to New England, Trinh studied at the University of California, Riverside, where he majored in History and minored in Creative Writing. He proudly hails from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area.