Wulfstan Scouller

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Wulfstan Scouller studies early American history, with a focus on disability, social history, and political economy. He is currently researching the varied law of conservatorship in the early modern British Atlantic and what differences in law and labor regimes might have meant for the experience and definition of cognitive disability. He is the student coordinator for the Yale Early American History group (YEAH).

Wulf graduated with a BA in History from Clare College, University of Cambridge, in 2020. He was awarded the Mellon Fellowship, funding two years of graduate study at Yale, during which time he received his MA in History. He began the PhD program in August 2023.

If you would like to read more about early American disability history, Wulf has been published in the online journal Insurrect! and the Disability History Association’s blog, AllofUs:

‘“To live without work”: How Two Deaf Brothers Reimagined Their Lives in Eighteenth-Century Connecticut,’ Insurrect!, July 5, 2023.

‘Restraining Confinement in Early America,’ AllofUS, September 17, 2023.