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Fields of interest
Marcela Echeverri Muñoz's picture Marcela Echeverri Muñoz
Associate Professor
HQ 239

History of social sciences, gender and nationalism; political theory and state formation; Spanish empire and Atlantic world; Revolutionary Age, race and ethnicity; slavery and abolition; twentieth-century Latin American social thought

Carlos Eire's picture Carlos Eire
T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies
HQ 268

Early modern Europe; Intellectual, social, cultural & religious history; Protestant and Catholic Reformations

Omnia El Shakry's picture Omnia El Shakry
Professor of History
HQ 247

Intellectual and cultural history of the modern Middle East; race, religion, gender, and sexuality in the modern Middle East; history of colonialism; psychoanalysis and critical theory

Anne Eller's picture Anne Eller
Associate Professor
HQ 244

Latin America and the Caribbean, Emancipation, Haitian and Dominican studies; African Diaspora; Independence and Decolonization

David Engerman's picture David Engerman
Leitner International Interdisciplinary Professor of History
46 Hillhouse Ave, Room 203

Twentieth-century international history