Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities

The Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities is dedicated to fostering research and theoretical reflection on the history of sexualities, especially as they intersect with other axes of social difference and inequality.  It promotes inquiry into lesbian, gay, and transgender history and the role of sexuality in the history of the self, culture, nation, and empire.  Based in the Department of History, the Initiative sponsors lectures, workshops, symposia, and collaborative research. The faculty co-directors are George Chauncey and Joanne Meyerowitz.

Affiliated faculty teach graduate and undergraduate courses on the history of sexuality, lesbian and gay history, and gender history, and work closely with students writing dissertations in those and allied fields.  They also work with the Yale libraries to develop archival collections.

The YRIHS also organizes small national and international working groups that bring scholars together to explore critical questions in the history of sexuality.  The working groups seek to generate new scholarship on the transnational history of modern sexual regimes, local sexual cultures, global sexual economies, and political conflicts over sexuality.

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2013-2014 Schedule
Sept 26
Nancy Cott, Harvard University
What Was Sexual Modernism? 
Oct 17
Symposium: Race, Sexuality, and Urban Politics in the 1970s-90s
Kwame Holmes, University of Colorado
Declaring War on “Fascist Faggots:” Black Nationalisms and the Racial Geography of Gay Rights in Washington, D.C, 1974-1986
Julio Capó, University of Massachusetts
“If Blacks and Gays Would Unite, We’d Have the Strongest Political and Social Force in the Community”:  An Intersectional History of Miami’s Urban Crisis, 1978 – 1994
Wednesday, Nov. 6
Regina Kunzel, Princeton University
In Treatment: Psychiatry and the Archives of Sexuality
Jan. 30
Daniel W. Rivers, Princeton University
Radical Relations: Lesbian Mothers, Gay Fathers, and their Children in the United States Since World War II
Feb. 20
Symposium: Free Love, Free Markets: Histories of Capitalism and Sexuality
Amy Dru Stanley, University of Chicago
Bethany Moreton, University of Georgia
Elizabeth Bernstein, Barnard College
March 6 
Rachel Hope Cleves, University of Victoria
Charity and Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America