Digital Humanities Graduate Student Colloquium

The Digital Humanities Graduate Student Colloquium brings together graduate students across disciplines to explore how digital tools can offer new possibilities in humanistic inquiry. This community provides a forum for brainstorming, troubleshooting, and offering constructive feedback on digital humanities projects while also providing opportunities to address knowledge gaps, share research methodologies, and build crucial skill sets for working in digital humanities. Members can meet potential collaborators from other disciplines, learn about new projects and methods, and explore how they might incorporate digital tools into their own research. The aim of our group is to cultivate interdisiplinary collaboration, build community, and provide mutual support that makes the digital humanities more accessible. Meetings of the DH Graduate Student Colloquium include informal brainstorming/troubleshooting sessions and presentations of both works-in-progress and established projects by Yale graduate students and faculty as well as guest speakers. Brainstorming sessions are opportunities for students to talk about their research and hear suggestions from group members on which digital humanities tools could help them. Brief 20-minute presentations by Yale graduate students, faculty, and outside researchers showcase the wide range of possibilities for research in the digital humanities and introduce students to new tools and approaches.