Graduate Students


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Research interests
Ana Calderon's picture Ana Calderon
Estrella Castillo's picture Estrella Castillo

critical plant studies; medicalization of entheogens; ritual heuristics; territoriality; more-than-human ontology; bioethics; bioinspiration; extractive knowledges; indigeneity; colonialism; technoscientific futurity; economies of healing

Kelsey Champagne's picture Kelsey Champagne
Ayse Cicek Unal's picture Ayse Cicek Unal

Ottoman History, North Africa and The Early Modern Mediterranean

Henry Clements's picture Henry Clements

Middle East

Constantin Cless's picture Constantin Cless
Zachary Conn's picture Zachary Conn

Diplomatic, Political, and Intellectual History of Native America and the Early United States

Elliott Cramer's picture Elliott Cramer


Lauren Crawford's picture Lauren Crawford