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Research interests
Jasmine Sahu-Hough's picture Jasmine Sahu-Hough
Sandra Sanchez's picture Sandra Sanchez
Maya Sandler's picture Maya Sandler
Laura Savarese's picture Laura Savarese
Benjamin Schafer's picture Benjamin Schafer
Samuel Schotland's picture Samuel Schotland


Alexander Schweinsberg's picture Alexander Schweinsberg
Paul Seltzer's picture Paul Seltzer
Nazim Can Serbest's picture Nazim Can Serbest
Madeleine Sheahan's picture Madeleine Sheahan

Early modern history of medicine; gender and women’s history; embodied and artisanal knowledge; social, cultural, and material history

Hannah Srajer's picture Hannah Srajer
Luke Stanek's picture Luke Stanek
Deborah Streahle's picture Deborah Streahle
Graduate School Student


Serena Strecker's picture Serena Strecker
Graduate School Student

Late medieval and early modern Europe, religious history, media history, women’s history, book history

Jennifer Strtak's picture Jennifer Strtak

Early Modern Studies; Mobility Studies; Travel and Transportation; Urban Studies