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Fields of interest
Carlos Eire's picture Carlos Eire
T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1357
HQ 268

Early modern Europe; Intellectual, social, cultural & religious history; Protestant and Catholic Reformations

Anne Eller's picture Anne Eller
Associate Professor
Phone: 203-432-4585
HQ 244

Latin America and the Caribbean, Emancipation, Haitian and Dominican studies; African Diaspora; Independence and Decolonization

David Engerman's picture David Engerman
Leitner International Interdisciplinary Professor of History
Horchow Hall (55 Hillhouse), Rm 307

Twentieth-century international history

Hussein Fancy's picture Hussein Fancy
Associate Professor
HQ 202

Medieval European and Islamic History; Medieval Iberia and North Africa; Social History; Intellectual History; Economic History; Legal History; Latin and Arabic Paleography

Crystal Feimster's picture Crystal Feimster
Associate Professor African American Studies, American Studies and History
Phone: 203-436-3563
81 Wall St

African American studies; racial and sexual violence

Paul Freedman's picture Paul Freedman
Chester D. Tripp Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1399
HQ 208

Medieval European history

Joanne Freeman's picture Joanne Freeman
Class of 1954 Professor of American History and of American Studies
Phone: 203-432-1392
HQ 226

Revolutionary & Early National American history with special interest in politics & culture; Early American journalism & print culture

John Gaddis's picture John Gaddis
Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military & Naval History
Phone: 203-432-1374
ALW 305

Cold War history; Historical methodology; Biography; Grand Strategy

Beverly Gage's picture Beverly Gage
Professor of History & American Studies
Phone: 203-432-1356
HQ 272

Gilded Age and 20th century; political history; government and political development; ideology and social movements (esp. conservatism and radicalism)

Bruce Gordon's picture Bruce Gordon
Titus Street Prof of Theology, Prof of Reformation Hist, Div Schl and History and Religious Studies
Phone: 203-432-5355
409 Prospect

Early German Reformation; History of Christianity

Greg Grandin's picture Greg Grandin
Peter V. and C. Vann Woodward Professor of History
HQ 224
Valerie Hansen's picture Valerie Hansen
Stanley Woodward Professor of History
HQ 238

China to 1600; Chinese religious & legal history; History of the Silk Road

Robert Harms's picture Robert Harms
Henry J. Heinz Professor of History & African Studies
Phone: 203-432-0559
HQ 231

Sub-Saharan Africa

Elizabeth Hinton's picture Elizabeth Hinton
Associate Professor of History & African American Studies
HQ 222

20th Century United States History; political history; urban history; African American studies; criminalization; policing; incarceration.

Denise Ho's picture Denise Ho
Associate Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 436-9291
HQ 220

Modern China, Cultural Revolution, borderlands, urban history