Fields of interest Research interests
Richard Zhang's picture Richard Zhang
MD/MA Student

History of medicine and public health; history of psychiatry; medical anthropology; history of East and Southeast Asia

Zekun Zhang's picture Zekun Zhang
Alexander Zhang's picture Alexander Zhang

American legal history

Yi-Ke Zhang's picture Yi-Ke Zhang

Modern China; Global Cold War

Xinyue Zhang's picture Xinyue Zhang

Modern China; East Asia; Environmental History; Science and Technology; War and Society

Taisu Zhang's picture Taisu Zhang
Professor of Law and History
Phone: 203-436-4796

Comparative legal and economic history, private law theory, and contemporary Chinese law and politics

Holden Zimmerman's picture Holden Zimmerman

International history; modern humanitarian history; gender and sexuality; modern Japanese history

Rafail Zoulis's picture Rafail Zoulis